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Defining success at different stages of life

How a young adult might Define Success:

  1. Career Advancement:

    • Securing a well-paying job in a desired field.

    • Receiving promotions and recognition early in their career.

  2. Financial Independence:

    • Achieving financial stability and independence from parental support.

    • Building savings and investments for the future.

  3. Personal Development:

    • Continuously learning new skills and gaining knowledge.

    • Developing a strong personal brand and professional network.

  4. Social Connections:

    • Building meaningful relationships and friendships.

    • Being active and well-regarded within social circles.

  5. Lifestyle and Experiences:

    • Traveling and exploring new places.

    • Enjoying a balanced lifestyle with hobbies and interests.

How a 70-80-Year-Old might Define Success looking back:

  1. Legacy and Impact:

    • Leaving a positive impact on family, community, and society.

    • Having contributed to meaningful causes or projects.

  2. Family and Relationships:

    • Maintaining strong, loving relationships with family and friends.

    • Seeing the success and happiness of children and grandchildren.

  3. Personal Fulfillment:

    • Having lived a life true to personal values and passions.

    • Experiencing satisfaction from personal and professional achievements.

  4. Health and Well-Being:

    • Enjoying good health and maintaining an active lifestyle.

    • Having overcome personal challenges and health issues.

  5. Wisdom and Growth:

    • Gaining and sharing wisdom and life lessons with others.

    • Reflecting on a life of continuous learning and personal growth.

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