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Do you have questions?

We have answers (Well, most of the times)!

Below you'll find answers to the most common questions you may have about eVolv. If you still can't find the answer you're looking for then please contact us.

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  1. What is different about eVolv?

    • eVolv is the only Human Intelligence platform in the world with a proprietary Purpose & Energy compass diagnostic to help individuals understand their Purpose and Energy drivers. The platform promotes whole person development by providing personalized and curated content to enable action and get traction. Employees have the opportunity to clarify, ground, and foster alignment with their purpose drivers and to optimize their human energy. Offerings are also unique by supporting Managers to connect in more meaningful ways with their employees, generating constructive dialogue on how to best support their team.  Key points: 

      • The employee is valued as a whole person. 

      • It highlights and supports improving social equity, diversity, belonging, and inclusion.

      • It expands the definition of diversity beyond the typical categories; this proprietary framework provides a truly comprehensive view of the diversity in your company

      • Offers cross functional team assessment of purpose drivers, well-being, energy, stress, and diversity. 

  2. We already have an engagement tool and we do regular surveys. Why do we need another one?

    • Most engagement survey tools do not include a proprietary framework or customized content. They are often generic surveys that aggregate the data at a high level. eVolv is unique because it is based on a research driven framework, drawing from various scientific energy and purpose constructs. It allows managers to understand both the well-being and the passions of their employees, including what makes employees feel invested and perform well, and what is keeping them from realizing their potential.

      • Many engagement tools focus on data collection, yet the burden is on the organization to do the heavy lifting, by interpreting, making sense of, and taking action on results. 

      • We will partner with you from the beginning, co-creating interventions and effecting changes that produce business outcomes.

      • eVolv helps bridge the gap between remote and hybrid employees and managers more effectively.

  3. How difficult is it to implement eVolv?

    • The eVolv platform can be implemented within a month.

  4. What tech stack do you use?

    • We are a cloud native platform hosted on AWS leveraging cloud native applications and tools for scale.

  5. What is the research you have done to come up with your framework?

    • Extensive quantitative research using numerical data and statistical analysis to quantify relationships and patterns, which includes surveys, focus groups and statistical analysis. In addition, qualitative research exploring human behavior and experiences through non-numeric data and literature review. Also, collected valuable data and insights using interviews, observations, and content analysis to understand purpose and motivations. The foundation of the framework was developed incorporating well established scientific research and peer-reviewed studies on the following (yet not limited to): subjective well-being, eudaimonia, human flourishing, purpose, meaning, and human energy.  Quantitative data was collected during the beta version of the diagnostic to establish reliability, and content and construct validity.  Qualitative data was also collected through written surveys, verbal interviews, and focus groups. eVolv will continue collecting data, reviewing results and updating the models utilized.

  6. Why are you guys qualified to build this?

    • Our leadership team has over 60 years of experience in HR and HR technology leadership at some of the world's leading companies, building and launching multiple products used in thousands of organizations. The team offers deep domain expertise in HR and employee engagement and a proven record of creating effective and successful solutions.

  7. Can it be used across multiple operating systems?

    • Yes. eVolv is a SaaS product and is a browser-based product. We support the latest versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari.

  8. Can we use it for recruiting?

    • eVolv can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of recruiting efforts by providing key insights into how well new hires are being onboarded. It can be used to gather additional insights about a candidate to understand fit and beneath the surface factors.  We do not recommend using eVolv as a screening or decision making tool in the hiring process. Its utilization can be additive and supportive, not as a discernment factor.

  9. When will my diagnostic results become available in the app dashboard?

    • Results are available within 4 hours after you complete the last diagnostic?

  10. Can I invite peers to give feedback after I have completed my diagnostics?

    • No. Peers should be invited at the time the Purpose Diagnostic is completed. You will have the option to invite peer feedback the next time you are invited to complete the purpose diagnostic.

  11. How frequently do I have to complete the diagnostics?

    • The frequency varies and may be decided by your company but the typical frequency for diagnostics is:

      • Purpose Diagnostic - Annually

      • Purpose Alignment Diagnostic - Annually

      • Energy Diagnostic - Quarterly

      • Mission and Values Diagnostic - Annually

      • Burning Questions Diagnostic - Monthly

  12.  Can my manager or HR see my diagnostic results?

    • No. Your individual data is not accessible to anyone other than yourself. Your manager can see an aggregated view of the data for your team or business unit. Similarly, HR and your company’s leadership can see an aggregated view of the data for the company.

  13. Can I download the data in my dashboard?

    • The Personal Compass Report includes most of the data in your dashboard, and can be retrieved as a PDF.

  14. Can I continue to use eVolv after I leave my company?

    • No, unless your company continues to allow you to have access. However, you can sign up for a personal version of eVolv on our website.

  15. Who can I contact for other questions or concerns about eVolv?

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