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eVolv Compas

Values Compass

Measures the extent of alignment between a company’s values and those of their employees.


Inclusion Compass

Using our eVolv diagnostics, we organize Team Workshops over a day or a day and a half for Leaders and Managers to have deep insightful conversations with their teams on "Navigating Purpose, Energy, and Values in a Changing World". This helps teams to come together, bond and be more productive than ever before


Purpose Compass

The eVolv Purpose Compass provides employees with their top three purpose drivers and the tools they need to align personal purpose to work, thereby enabling focus and drive.


Energy Compass

Provides a holistic view of energy and stress factors that affect every person. Helps address performance barriers and strengthen the employee and manager relationship. Measures four key sources of energy and indicates if an employee is flourishing or struggling.


eVolv Compass

Measures the overall level of alignment of purpose, values, inclusion  & energy for discretionary effort and business results.

eVolv Compass
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