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eVolv4Students helps Gen Z’s - teens, high-school and college students gain an understanding of their purpose drivers. Those activities, passions and interests that spark positive energy for learning, experiences & contribution. We help align college, vocational, and career goals with an individual’s purpose, allowing them to lead more fulfilling lives. eVolv helps  students gauge the stressors and sources of energy in their lives and provides insights regarding their physical, emotional, social, and financial health. Personalized recommendations for addressing stress or benefitting from strengths are provided.

For Students

For Faculty

For Educational Institutions

Student dashboard
School dashboard

For the faculty and educational leadership, eVolv provides deep insights regarding the overall health, well-being, and concerns of students. Our AI-driven analyses helps faculty and leaders better understand what drives students and the factors that may affect their academic performance. This helps to focus on specific areas where things can be done differently to provide students an overall better educational experience.

How eVolv4Students can help find careers aligned with purpose

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