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In today's world, reshaped by post-Covid realities and evolving work pressures, employees and companies are at an inflection point. Millennials and Gen Z, the largest segment of the workforce, are struggling to find purpose at work and managing their energy in a world filled with constant and conflicting demands. 


Research has established that purpose is an accelerator when it comes to making work more meaningful. People that find jobs aligned with their purpose are generally happier and have more fulfilling lives. But all people also face stress from four factors - physical, emotional, social and financial. Managed well, these can be a source of energy. Managed poorly, they become stressors that act as a brake and reduce the level of performance a person can deliver on the job, and the resulting happiness in their lives.


eVolv was created by two XL graduates - Varun Bhatia and Raghav Singh - from the batch of ‘87. They are experts in Human Resources, Product Management, and Technology is challenging the way businesses think about their people. 


eVolv is a Silicon Valley innovator that focuses on core Purpose and Energy drivers through an AI-enhanced platform. Our proprietary frameworks and innovative, image-based diagnostics, coupled with personalized visual dashboards, deliver a user experience unlike any other.

Business Presentation

eVolv Overview for XLRI

eVolv is not merely a platform; it's a movement towards a future where work is fulfilling, energy management is a way of life, and every individual can find and follow their  true purpose. eVolv delivers curated content specific to you to to help you with life and work tips and hacks that are aligned with your purpose and energy drivers. Think of eVolv as your co-pilot that is always there to help you succeed and lead a more fulfilling life.

A solution for today's generation and business issues using AI and deep domain expertise.

Enjoy using eVolv

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