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Your co-pilot insights driven people platform

eVolv’s insights supports Employees, Managers, the C-Suite and Human Resources through all key employment lifecycle touchpoints, changing the paradigm from employee engagement to employee commitment

eVolv solutions

Shifts Onboarding to Relationship building

Having a good relationship with a new employee is needed for building trust, which helps employees get better engaged and more productive. eVolv can significantly improve onboarding and shorten the time it takes for a manager and employee to build good connections.

eVolv solutions

Purpose, not Skill-based Recruiting

The eVolv Purpose Diagnostic when included in the recruitment process provides a better understanding of candidates’ purpose drivers. This allows hiring managers to gauge the level of alignment there is between the work associated with a job and a candidates’ purpose drivers.

From managing Performance to fueling Purpose & Energy

We empower employees and managers to have deeper conversations beyond just Goals & OKR’s, as those define the “what” of work not the “why” people show up the way they do

Vanilla rewards to personalized perks & recognition

Optimizing Benefits, perks and recognition programs from broad brush vanilla offerings to empowering Managers to use their team members Purpose and energy drivers for their personalized rewards & recognition

Fueling purpose and energy
eVolv solutions
Career planning

From Career planning to Life Management

Going beyond focusing on the next job/promotion, Managers and employees  can discuss how to promote and build on their Purpose drivers and manage work and life within the energy drivers and constraints.


eVolv provides key measures of the success of your DEI and Affirmative Action programs by demonstrating how minority employees feel included. We measure inclusivity across race, gender, sexual orientation, and generational categories. 

Humanizes Diversity and Inclusion

Workforce Effectiveness

eVolv provides deep insights about the three cohorts in the workforce - in-office, remote, and hybrid. We provide the c-suite, hotspots and opportunities to do things differently to get the best from their organization

Workplace effectiveness
eVolv solutions

Reframing the Employment Brand

The eVolv metric provides a clear indication of the connection of the employees’ purpose and energy drivers to the company, making it a preferred place to work for all, especially millennials and gen-Z.

Engagement to commitment

Engagement is a passive concept while commitment is an active act which is what eVolv measures and drives for employees and managers putting the employees personal purpose and energy at the center of what matters to them

Moves Engagement to Commitment

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