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Business Presentation

Welcome to eVolv

Once you have created your account, starting to use eVolv requires only three easy steps.

Step 1: Complete the diagnostics

  • Purpose (10 minutes)

  • Invite peers to get feedback (10 minutes). Peers can include anyone that knows you well - your friends, classmates, parents, and family members. We encourage you to invite peers so as to get an understanding of how others see you.

  • Energy (10 - 15 minutes)                  

  • Patiently wait 4 hours (We'll send you a reminder when to finish the next diagnostic)

  • Platform algorithm generates Top 3 Purpose Drivers

  • Purpose Alignment (5 minutes)

Step 2: Review your dashboard

The dashboard will show you the results from the diagnostics you completed. Data from any peers you requested feedback from will be added in and shown on the dashboard when it is received.

Step 3: Receive customized content

Enjoy using eVolv

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