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Purpose Compass

Purpose is an accelerator!

Purpose-driven employees are 2.5x more likely to stay at their jobs.


Purpose drives productivity

Every employee (and every human) has certain purpose drivers which are often reflected in their passions and interests. They are factors that spark energy towards learning and  making contributions. For example, One may have a passion for music, being in nature, helping others, or doing entrepreneurial work.


Even if these factors are not perfectly well-aligned with a person’s job, they are still meaningful. Someone with a passion for art may find it impossible to earn a living as a painter or sculptor, yet that does not diminish their sense of purpose for creative expression. While those who have a passion for human connection may not want to work as community organizers,  the desire is still a key part of who they are.


Managers are not always in a position to help an employee align their purpose drivers and work, yet they can still offer support. Gaining awareness can help foster relationships, meaningful conversations, and alternative ways to cultivate their purpose drivers. Teams can encourage each other to cultivate their purpose drivers and seek supplemental opportunities that align.

The eVolv Purpose Drivers Framework


Purpose framework
Purpose compass

Purpose Domains

Associated with each Purpose Driver in the eVolv framework are domains. These include activities that are representative of the purpose drivers.

Creative Expression

Creative Expression

Fine Arts

Interested in learning about and/or engaging in painting, drawing, sketching, pottery, sculpting, photography, architecture.


Engaging in jewelry making, computer design, fashion designer, product design, book design, graphic design, woodworking, interior design, landscape design

Performing Arts

Interested in learning about and/or engaging in acting, dancing, comedy, music, singing, choir, theater, opera, magic.


Engaging in knitting, quilting, embroidery, cross-stitch, sewing,candle making, scrapbooking, perfume making, soap/bath soap making, essential oils, dyeing, weaving, basket weaving, beadwork, flower arranging, string art.


Engaging in and/or experiencing food safety, hospitality, baking, restaurant service, nutrition, wine, beverages

Literary Expression

Grow Your Vision


Engaging in spoken word poetry, professional speaker or giving speeches, improv, teacher, orator.


Engaging as a proofreader, editor, librarian, book reviewer, translator.


Engaging as a speech writer, copywriter, journalist, blogger, song writer, technical writer, song writer, editor.

Physical Expression


Engaging in or experiencing ballet, contemporary dance, hip-hop, street dance, Latin, ballroom, folk dance.

Martial Arts

Engaging in or experiencing Judo, Karate, MMA, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Krav Maga, and Jiu-Jitsu.


Engaging in aerobics, spinning, aerobic, bodybuilding, weight-lifting, interval training, yoga.

Sporting Activities

Engaging in or experiencing athletics, Individual sports like cycling, golfing and Team sports like football, soccer, hockey, basketball.


Professional Leadership

Heading up professional organizations, seeking leadership and managerial roles

Thought Leadership

Promoting new ideas and concepts through articles, presentations, speeches.

Sports Team Captain/Coaching

Leading or developing players and athletes.


Helping others develop skills, gain confidence, navigate difficult situations.

Problem Solving

Numeracy Related Activities

Math problems, accounting, bookkeeping, financial planning.

Science & Inventions

Chemistry, physics, bio-sciences.

Business Challenges

Supply-chain issues, logistics, increasing margins.


Analytical games like Go, Chess, crossword puzzles, Wordle, Sudoku.

Bringing Order

Project Management

Ensuring projects are done on time and within budget.

Planning & Organizing

Developing plans, acquiring resources, building teams.


Standardizing workflows, creating documentation, reducing bureaucracy.

Process Engineering

Redesigning workflows, implementing new equipment and software, automation.

Meeting/Event Planning

Organizing facilities and details such as decor, catering, entertainment, transportation, location, invitee list, special guests, equipment, promotional material etc.

Law & Investigations

Interpreting legislation, lobbying, fact finding.

Intrinsic Awareness

Therapeutic Activities

Restorative activities designed to maintain or improve the quality of one's life or delay deterioration of skills, including social activities, sensory enhancement activities, crafts, outdoor activities, and spiritual activities.

Grounding Exercises

Breathwork, yoga, meditation, tai-chi.

Self-Reflection Activities

Meditation, keeping a gratitude journal, Vipassana.

Seeking Feedback

Asking others about how you can improve as a person at work or in your personal life.

Human Connection

Community Involvement

Organizing local events, driving senior citizens and the disabled, meals-on-wheels.

Workplace/Alumni Associations

Outreach to former students and employees, Employee Resource Groups.

Social Media activist/influencer

Posting to FB, TikTok, Instagram on various topics.

Social activities
(Friends and family)

Parties, outings, online or in-person events.

Nature & Environment

Outdoor Activities

Travel, camping, gardening, farming, water activities and hiking.


Protection of natural resources, land, water, climate action, creating sustainable earth and managing biodiversity.

Environment Advocacy

Enhance public awareness of important environmental issues, lobby for legislation and programs.

Animal Care

Disease prevention and veterinary treatment, animal management or farming, pet shelter and nutrition, humane handling.


Planting trees, cleaning up wilderness areas, reducing carbon footprint, recycling, reducing pollution

Societal Impact


Lack of financial resources, basic healthcare and education, clean drinking water, and infrastructure.

Health & WellBeing

Physical and mental health including nutrition, obesity, food scarcity, disease prevention, support groups, alcoholism and substance abuse.

Socioeconomic Status

Improving equity, expanding opportunities, upward mobility.

Child Welfare

Substance abuse, inadequate housing, health needs, parental incarceration, and racial discrimination.

Community Development

Schools and non-profit boards, engaging with local charitable organizations, volunteering at a food-shelf.

Human Rights Protection

LGBTQ issues, women’s rights, human trafficking prevention, racial and gender equality.


Hardware/Electronic Devices

Design, build or test hardware like computers, routers, gaming consoles, mobile devices ,Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices.


Design, program, code, test, improve, and maintain software.

Artificial Intelligence

Computer vision, robotics, machine learning, neural networks/deep learning, natural language processing.


Game playing, development, design or testing


Acquire the latest and most advanced technology products; obsessively read and learn about new developments in technology.


Social Entrepreneurship

Offer new solutions to important social problems; desire to give back to the community in innovative ways.

Scalable Startup

Dream big, focusing on innovative ideas that can expand businesses and generate profits.

Small Business

Create and run small business, either on their own or with the help of family members, eg. mom-and-pop shops and boutiques, as well as trade workers and consultants.


Create businesses with the intent of bringing completely new products or new ideas to market.

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